Have you ever had a question about building a house, but have been too embarrassed to ask it? Well, now’s your chance. On Emmett Leo Homes, “Ask The Builder Dan Nagy here from Emmett Leo Homes, your insider into the luxury home building industry. Quick reminder, before we get started to subscribe by clicking the red button below, and hitting that notification bell right next to it, so you stay on top of all things luxury home building. So…We’re here in my office right now, I figured it’d be a good time to shoot a quick little video of “Ask The Builder”. Ben in Winnipeg asks, “Do you find homes for in-fill opportunities and build spec homes to sell, or find the in-fill lot and build a custom home to a client’s specifications? I think what you’re trying to ask is the difference between builder types.

There’s really a few that we’re going to look at, and I’ll break it down for you. There are spec builders, and then there are custom builders. There’s a bunch of different kinds, but we’re going to focus on those two, ultimately. What a custom builder does is they will take and build pretty much a one-of-a-kind home on a unique lot with a unique layout, generally speaking, a one-of-a-kind home for their client. Now, a spec builder, there’s quite a few different kinds. You all know kind of like a track builder, which is the building that the big building companies that building in big developments, and a lot of the houses kind of look the same.

That’s because they use the same plays over and over and over to cut their costs down, allow for cheaper homes for people to move into subdivisions. There’s also luxury spec home builders. That’s kind of where I started, was, we find unique lots in high-end locations and neighborhoods, and we build really high-end homes. Chances are, they’re going to be unique. We kind of consider ourselves spec custom builders. Hey, guys, thanks for watching another episode of “Ask The Builder”. If you have any questions, submit them whenever you can or whenever you want. I love doing it, and if you liked it, or if you have a comment about it, make sure to put it down below. Make sure to subscribe to the channel to make sure that you get this and other videos that come out every week, and if you want to learn more about my luxury home building company, go to EmmettLeoHomes.com, which has more information. But as well, I put lots of pictures and videos and stuff of some of the amazing projects that we’re doing right now.

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