Hey how you doing it’s not a bat it’s wallpaper this we need to put on there one thing never done this before make fix grow cook garden fork I’m what you would call wallpaper averse I’m not a big fan of it but the person that owns that wall wants this on there and I’m not one to say no to that I’m going to walk you through how I’m gonna do this not necessarily how to do it all right I have an idea how to do this used to watch my father put up wallpaper I’ve seen friends put up wallpaper so I’m gonna set up put this up and see what happened because that’s what garden forks all about right let’s see what happens these canvas tarps I use some all sorts of jobs you buy one that lasts forever and you don’t slip on them you like you doing plastic so this is a good thing if you’re gonna a job and you cut up the door you have to throw away keep it you know why they make really good work tables and wallpaper tables nice deep thought here wallpaper is straight most walls aren’t so what we’re going to do is I’m going to measure from this corner the width of this and drop what’s called a plumb line and mark a straight line that’s the line that we’re going to match when we put this first piece on that’s our straight line for the whole wall and everything else we just trim can I help you do you want to come help yeah I don’t think so all right I gotta go to work okay all right you go lie down all right this is called a plumb bob it’s a heavyweight with a point and a string on it and you let it hang and it gives you a straight up-and-down lines a little bit of a mess so I’m sorry but you’ll see don’t talk about in two seconds make sure the circuit breakers turned off and you want to cover these with some tape you want to measure the length how long you need that first piece of wallpaper plus some overlap because if you want to go you’re gonna have to cut it straight to the ceiling straight to the floor down below I’m gonna put a baseboard over it so I have a little more leeway but measure twice cut once especially with wallpaper just to make sure I always put new blades in when you’re dealing with this sharp blade wallpaper so let’s go over some tools here inexpensive seam roller inexpensive smoothing tool I don’t plan on doing a lot of wallpaper so to apply the pace I’m using a 3-inch chip brush and then I got a universal wallpaper adhesive if you read the instructions they’re going to want you to use the super special brand of I don’t know just do what you want this is what I’m doing and let’s see what happens right but I think this will be okay so you want to apply this and then you have to let the paper rest from what I understand that is key before the seams to lay so you can roll them put this on and then okay you don’t want to skimp out and be cheap with your glue okay and then after this is done and let it sit for five minutes okay so we’re gonna let that sit now for five minutes because that’s the instruction set but it makes sense you want the glue to soak into the paper especially along the edges there then we’re gonna take this and put it up there across their fingers ready here we go this is the most important scene that I’ve been lining enough on the wrong piece of string so let’s go take this on the loop it over here right behind here is the outlet not my best work here but we got around the outlet and then the cover will cover up the kind of ugly cutting I did not my best work but I’ve never done this before if you’re an expert wallpaper hanger I’d like to hear your comments below how I could be better with this so our next challenge is this what’s called a repeating pattern I can see this kind of Apple thing here and then it repeats up there and that’s about every 24 inches so now I have to cut a piece and match that so when you’re looking at it doesn’t look off okay and then we paste it let it sit put it on the hard part I think is done it matches my plumb bob line pretty nicely there it’s on it’s not bubbling roller tool saves the day you notice it thing wrong here those lines are hanging up rather than down I put this first piece in upside down alright let’s try this again now our challenge is to line this up with the pattern and do we have enough wallpaper left because somebody I think maybe not bought enough wallpaper let’s see alright I found it is this suspense killing you it’s kind of killing me it’s kind of lined up I’m gonna release the fold you see it’s fold it up I’m gonna release that but I’m going to keep this held up while I line this up I got glue on my hand now this really it’s kind of like watching paint dry isn’t it all right let me finish this okay okay one two one two let’s go eat after being wallpaper reverse huh you’re still walking I am still wallpaper over so let me know what you all think are there better ways to do this do you like wallpaper do you like this wallpaper I know certain someone likes this wallpaper what women

Wall Paper Installation