Ask The Builder | Luxury Custom Homes | Emmett Leo Homes

Have you ever had a question about building a house, but have been too embarrassed to ask it? Well, now’s your chance. On Emmett Leo Homes, “Ask The Builder Dan Nagy here from Emmett Leo Homes, your insider into the luxury home building industry. Quick reminder, before we get started to subscribe by clicking the […]

The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Advertising

– I regret tremendously not spending all my money on Google in 2001 to 2004. When I rewound how I built my dad’s business, it was because I was handed a full house. It was called Google Day One, five cents a click. My CAC was 10 cents, my LTV was $8. I didn’t understand. […]

This One Misconception About Marketing is Killing You

– You have to be able to do something ridiculous, like buy $50,000 worth of bananas and send them to dentists, just ’cause it’s so ludicrous that they’re like, What the fuck? – [Man] I’m putting pressure on the team to say we need to go where the attention is, but there’s this balance between […]

marketing 101, understanding marketing basics, and fundamentals

every organization has customers regardless of whether you’re a commercial for-profit firm or a non-profit all companies must be seen as relevant to those customers if they want to survive marketing then is getting customers to believe that your products and services are important and that they deliver a better value than the competition’s smart […]

Steve Jobs’ amazing marketing strategy – MUST WATCH

to me marketing’s about values this is a very complicated world it’s a very noisy world and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us no company is and so we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us now Apple fortunately […]

95% of You Will Ignore This 2018 Marketing Strategy | Business Squared Keynote in Australia

(woman announcing speaker) (audience cheering) – Hi. – Woo! – What up, Brisbane? (audience cheering) Sit, sit sit, let’s do this. – Let’s do it! – Brisbane! (audience laughing) Thank you so much for that intro, super excited to be here. It’s been a long week, New York to Oslo, to Copenhagen, to Moscow, to […]

What Could Go Wrong When Hanging Wallpaper?

Hey how you doing it’s not a bat it’s wallpaper this we need to put on there one thing never done this before make fix grow cook garden fork I’m what you would call wallpaper averse I’m not a big fan of it but the person that owns that wall wants this on there and […]